Dogs can do science too

The Market Teaches Us Some Lessons

Wow- there has been a great response to my post about reasons why you should start a business with your kids. I’ve had some interesting conversations on social media about lots of aspects of that article. I just wanted to post a follow-up about creativity and teaching kids about the marketplace. –(click here for the TIP SHEET- to get you started)


My kids and I started a little online Tee-Shirt shop. When we first launched the shop, I tried to get the kids to work with me to create some designs, no dice. They were too busy, legos, reading, playing pretend, you know, the pressing concerns of childhood.


So I went in and made a bunch of tee shirt designs that I thought were cool and were aimed at our core market, kids interested in science. Or more specifically, the parents of kids interested in science. (Of which I am one) I thought I knew this market.

Here is my favorite design that I created:

question everything










Pretty cool, right? Pink. Simple. Fun?


I know, I know, as I look at it now, I realize… no.  And after a few days, zero orders for my shirts. No orders on any of my shirts. (Though I still think they are pretty cool)


After a few days, my kids made time in their busy schedules to create a few shirts. Here are two:


Dogs can do science too chipmunks can do science too










So yeah, they cranked out these shirts immediately. Without hesitation. They learned about the design software, they checked their own spelling. They created these from scratch. And customers love them. They come in a lot of styles and colors and sizes.


The kids are on top of the world. Their designs are beating dad’s designs IN THE REAL WORLD. It is such an empowering feeling for them. Just a quick example of some of the cool things kids can learn first hand about business.


I’m so pumped to continue to engage with you all about your ideas and dreams for businesses with your kids.


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Thank you for reading!

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