3 thoughts on “Video Review of- “Dinosaurs #1: In The Beginning” by Plumeri and Bloz

  1. This is so great, Selma! Thank you for sharing your opinions with the world and also for your fabulous imagination! As you read the words, the images leapt off the pages. xoxo

  2. Arnaud- thank you for the beautiful comment. Our hearts are broken for the sadness in France. Please know we are sending all our love to you and the people of France.

  3. Dear friends,
    As a writer of the comic book “Dinosaurs” I would like to thank you for this review for several reasons. First because with this book I wanted to create stories about dinosaurs that I dreamed of reading when I was a child. If young readers have enjoyed reading it and learned a couple of things about dinos, then I am delighted. But your review in this particular moment gives me another reason to be grateful. You may not know that I am French, and France has just been attacked by some people who want to spread obscurantism over the world. My goal with this comic is the exact opposite: trying to make my readers a little more curious, to encourage them to look for themselves information about dinosaurs. To tell them that truth is not static, especially in science.
    I wish all kids to be like Selma: curious, fresh and funny! Merci for this cute moment that I needed so much. 🙂
    All the best,

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