How You Can Read 80 Books This Year

In January of 2015 I set a goal to read 50 books. The rough math told me that was about a book a week. I estimated that in 2014, I read about 25 books. So the jump to 50 would be quite significant.

Ultimately I read more than 80 books last year. Here is how:

  1. I allowed myself to count audio books. By counting audio books I could ‘read’ while I washed the dishes or drove to work.
  2. I embraced the Overdrive App from my local library. I used the hold and list feature to always have many books coming and auto checked out to me. This is important for point 3.
  3. I always knew what I was going to read next. Because …
  4. I was always reading more than one thing, usually a fiction and a non fiction, or sometimes two different kinds of fiction books.
  5. I challenged myself to read genres I had never read before- Science Fiction, Romance Novels, Harry Potter, Self Help, etc, etc… Reading so many books gave me the freedom to not think that I was giving something up by trying to read something new. The richness and variety turned the experience into a life changing journey. Not just an exercise in reading 80 of the same kind of book I already knew I liked.

I went scorched earth. I quit watching TV, I quit listening to podcasts, I quit reading the news. It was all books, all the time.


What did I learn?


I learned that reading fiction makes me a better person. It is like having a window into a stranger’s soul.


I learned self-help books really can help. I credit the myriad of self help books I read last year with opening me up to the challenge of writing my own books.


I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say that in 10 years you will be exactly who you are right now except for the people you meet and the books you read. My experience last year confirms that 100%.


Give it a shot. Set a goal to read 10, 20, 50, 100 books this year. You will be amazed at the changes it can make in your life.




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2 thoughts on “How You Can Read 80 Books This Year

  1. Very much agreed! I read 170 last year and the two thins that made it easiest were Overdrive and reading diversely. Keep going!

    1. Great point on reading diversely. AND I would add reading works by diverse authors. Nothing gets you in someone else’s head like a great book from a completely different point of view.

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