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In the fall of 2015 I began to write book #1 in the Celia Science & Anna Art series. I wanted to write characters that my girls would love. I wanted to create girls who used their minds to solve problems and were tenacious workers.


In book #1 Celia’s computer game is interrupted by a virus, or so it seems. She realizes that her computer was attacked to slow down her progress in the online computer game — Mermaid Power!–  The villain accidentally left some important clues in the code he/she used in the onslaught. Celia teaches herself JavaScript to get to the bottom of the attack. What she discovers shocks her, her parents, and the FBI.


Book 1- “The Computer Code Myster” – is with the copy editor right now and the art is being developed by the illustrator – the incredible Lindsay Hornsby.


I am 24,000 words into Book #2 and 4,000 words into Book #3. I plan on publishing both before the end of the 2016.

If you want to help choose the cover for Book 1, listen to podcast episodes before anyone else, and do a bunch of other fun things, join the launch team.


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