By: Thom Wright

3 Lessons I’m Learning By Building A Launch Team

By: Thom Wright
Photo By: Thom Wright

A few weeks ago I started to get serious about building the launch team for Celia Science Book 1. I’m writing these books for kids who love science and art and who struggle to accept the answer, “because I said so.”

I realized that to bring these books into the world in a substantial way, I needed to build a team of creative, like-minded people to help spread the word.
We are teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles of curious kids. We love these children and we want to nurture their curiosity and feed their need for knowledge.
I strive to write books that loving adults can give to these active minds and know the story is fun, engrossing, and packed full of real knowledge and solid values.

So far, the process of building this team has been humbling, surprising, and amazing. Here are three things I have learned so far.


1)- Over the years I have been blessed by an amazing group of friends, family, teachers, and colleagues. 
As I’ve reached out to people and said basically, ‘I’m self-publishing a series of chapter books for kids, do you want to help me launch it?’. – That is a pretty random e-mail to receive from someone you haven’t seen in 5 years.

Time and time again people have responded with well wishes, warmth, and encouragement. Not everyone can help, but even super busy people take the time to write an encouraging note. An amazing number of people have taken the time to sign up for the launch team list. –


2) – I could never have predicted who would be the most interested in the project.
I am amazed over and over at who is choosing to join the launch team. Also, the incredible ideas people have for activities they can do to grow the project are inspiring.
Teacher friends inviting dozens of friends to help with the team. An awesome friend I met in Spain offering to proofread technical details in the books to be sure they are on point (shout out to Javi). Colleagues from several jobs ago responding, “Boom. I’m in”. And dozens of other examples. It has been amazing. I’ll never be able to be in a room with all of these people at once, but this experience feels like the next best thing.
It has made me ask myself, why didn’t I take the time to randomly write my friends and former colleagues years ago? (Maybe that will be a separate blog post)


3) – The friends of friends of friends phenomenon is truly astounding
My friends and family are amazing and have been incredibly generous with their time and talents. The most radical thing I’ve found has been the friends of friends of friends.

That the idea for a series of children’s chapter books has inspired people around the world, has been the most humbling part of the journey. I’m now getting sign ups from people as the link passes among friends and is shared across social networks.
First-Let me answer your question right now,—YES- you can absolutely share the launch team link.
If there is someone you think will be a great part of this team, send them the link and tell them the story (you can copy the e-mail message at the end of this post if you want). If there are 10, 50, 100, 500 people you know who would be awesome on the team. PLEASE share it with them. I want to meet them. I need their input and their help.
Everyone on the launch team will receive a free electronic copy of the book and exclusive content that I’m not sharing with anyone else.
More exciting than that, we are creating something different and new. Let’s inspire our kids to make great discoveries and live fulfilling lives of purpose.
If you have not yet received a direct message from me, first off, you might have and it is in your SPAM or Promotions folder.


Secondly, I am sorry, writing individual messages takes a long time. Please, consider this post as your invitation. If you feel the pull of this project on your heart, please join the launch team for Celia Science Book 1, and let’s create something amazing together.
Launch team sign up link-



Thank you so much for your support! I can’t wait to hear from you!



Here is some text you can use to invite people to the team:


Are you interested in sparking creativity and imagination in your kids?

Join the launch team for  a fun new book series aimed at kids who love STEM, Art, and creativity!

The book 1 is called:

Celia Science and Anna Art: The Mystery of the Mermaid Power Computer Code” —

The main characters are two sisters ages 11 and 9 who use science,technologyart & creativity to solve mysteries. (learn more about the project: &

Can you help us? Everyone who is part of the launch team will receive a free copy of the e-book. Beyond that we are looking for ideas: social media, traditional media, cover design, title, launch strategy. We need you to help us shape the launch.

If you are interested, sign up here:

Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for your time!

Justin Taylor


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