3 Reasons To Start A Business With Your Kids

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In the fall of 2015 my kids told me they wanted to learn about taking pictures and making videos. I did not know anything about making videos, luckily we have an iPad which came equipped with iMovie. The very first day, we made this movie together. Soon we started to make video book reviews. I shot the video and the kids edited it with iMovie. (here, here, and here)


Somehow the idea of the videos morphed into an idea to build a website on which to place the videos. The plan was to teach the kids about website building, but so far, that has been lukewarm. However, in connection with the website and the videos, we began to make up stories about the fictional character, Celia Science. Celia is kind of like my own kids, but she is amped up about 75%. She teachers herself java script, she helps the FBI solve mysteries, etc.


Now fast forward to spring of 2016, the website has a tee shirt store, we are preparing to publish book #1 in the Celia Science series, and we are recording a podcast to go along with the series. Each step along the way, the kids and I have learned together and it has given us loads of great stuff to talk about.  Each step has been a great challenge to our imaginations.  Now, we are preparing to create a launch team for Book #1 and the podcast. The kids and I are learning together about on-line marketing, editing, content creation etc. – (Click here for the Tip Sheet)


I don’t think everyone should go out and make a website and write a book with their kids… okay, maybe I DO —  It is amazing. —  BUT in the least you can start something. —  Create an idea and go for it.  — Here are my top 3 reasons why I think you should go for it!

video production#1- Incredible Educational Value for Your Money- If you are reading this, you are the type of person who invests in your kids. It might be with sports, lessons, museum memberships, educational trips, books, etc, etc. In many cases it costs almost nothing to start a business with your kids. Etsy and Ebay allow you to sign up for free. The amazon kindle store allows you to become a self-published author for free too. You and your kids can start a podcast for very little money. Even more traditional businesses have pretty low barriers to entry, for the cost of a push mower, some hedge trimmers, and a pair of gloves,  you and your kids can get into the landscaping business. Will it cost some money?.. Yes.  Will it take some time?  Yes  .. Will it be ABSOLUTELY  worth it? 100% YES!  Why?…


#2- Amazing Experiences Your Kids Will Never Forget-  As parents, we try to craft amazing experiences for our kids. Building something together with them from scratch will be unforgettable for your entire family. By helping them navigate all the questions of getting started, positioning, marketing, and selling, you are teaching them to be successful in the REAL WORLD. You are showing them how to turn an idea into something tangible. I’m telling you, when you start having conversations with your kids about your markets, and what is selling well, and what you can change–  you will have a moment when you realize: wow! They are really learning something. I am an awesome parent! — Yes, you are an AWESOME PARENT! (even if you decide not to start something with your kids, you are an incredible parent. I know you are. 🙂 —


Worst case, you start a business, you discover it is a terrible idea– you fail miserably — guess what. YOU STILL WIN. Now you have a crazy story to bore your grand kids with in thirty years. Also, your kids will learn as much, or more, from a failure than they will from an incredible success. As parents, we need to teach our kids to learn from adversity… (boom, your parental AWESOMENESS keeps building, see what I mean?)

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#3 – Building Tools & Skills for Their Future Success- I love my kids with all of my heart, but I do not want them living in my basement when they are 40. In fact, I do not want them in my basement when they are 18. I want them out in the world making a way for themselves. I will definitely be around to help them and love them, but I want them to live their own lives and find their own way in the world. Repeatedly showing them that all they need to succeed is their own creativity, access to a computer, or a lawnmower, or a hammer and some nails, THAT IS AN EMPOWERING FEELING. The world is not a scary place. It is a world filled with markets that can be accessed.

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The idea that our kids will go to college, graduate, and be able to go work for Acme Manufacturing for 45 years and then retire, those days are long gone. You and I have learned the hard way that success is about hustle. Teach your kids now to go out and create something. You will be amazed at the results.

So go do it! Have at it! Make it happen! — I believe in you! Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing! Feel free to reach out to me on twitter @rjt200  –Click HERE For the FREE TIP SHEET- to get you started- 

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Need more ideas of what to start? – (Here, Here, Here, Here, ad infinitum on the interwebs) Check out the $100 Startup — Great book!




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